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Hello everyone, hope I caught your attention on blog title…lol

I have no idea how I am gonna compete with the rest of the team here, they all have amazing updates to post here but I will sure try. Interesting enough Kay said “@lynn! I have the explosion, but you have the heart of players! ”

So lets talk tickets…One that sticks out in the past week, is the increase of request for players to have their accounts reset to zero. In game you can do this on your own if you are below level 50. Anything over that we just simply can’t do for these reasons.

  1. It’s mostly a security feature, stopping someone’s friend from trolling them.
  2. It is really time consuming for the IOU Team and it takes away from the real work they are working on.

This week I was really stressing about my blog as I explained earlier, since I really feel my daily codes are my blog. Then it was suggested to me, because I always tend to go to you guys about things…that I should use my blogging time to go over parts of the game. To be successful with this, I will again (as I always do) turn to all of you for your help. Please message me what part of the game you are in need of help with. For example, this past week we were talking in Discord about how I simply stay away from the Pet Map. So, next week I am hopeful to have some good information, tips and a better understanding of the Pet Map.

Cheers, Lynn


Keep the Birthday Code requests coming – Ticket of the Week

Please keep the Birthday Code requests coming…Love how you guys message me about your own Birthday or a fellow player’s Birthday.

Ticket of the week is :

Request of deleting your account for the purpose of starting all over.

Please keep in mind this is only possible if you are below level 50 you can personally go into settings and delete your account.

Anyone over level 50, this request is simply not possible for the reasons being..

  1. People abusing their identity in the game
  2. The time it actually takes will take away from the real work that needs to be done with game development.