Isael’s Blog

Hi everyone!
I spent some time working on the window layout for Unity . We are aiming to finish all those Unity windows for the end of January. There is still a lot of work to do, and i am trying to get some speed at it . Beside that on a more personal level, i am just trying to get rid of like 2 feet of snow that just landed on my hallway . Those magnificent flakes are constantly blocking access to the street so no need to say that i am shoveling almost every day like  a desperate Link trying to find his magical Ocarina under a trunk . Next week-end is supposed to be like 40 sub-zero, so you can imagine the task…

I am currently puzzled by components supposed to help for UI layouts . Found out those are more difficult to master because we have to set new game objects to gather them, then adjust margin and padding and lot of other obscure measurements . I don’t know if you some of you did some good old html/css ? But those can be annoying and it came come complicated with precedence and correct scaling over a given canvas….

I had some discussion with Kay about this, and he seems to agree that we would ultimately need to have some custom tools for easier alignment of UI elements . Since like 95% of IOU gameplay is in fact happening in a big UI canvas, alignment of things with correct spacing can easily be a time consuming task , especially for me: I tend to be overly maniac for some extra pixels to nudge here and there, and probably sometimes spend way too much time  on details that nobody would notice .

So here is a more final version of the character window.  I finished the Blacksmith building as well, so honestly i don’ t know when Ray will want to add it in-game.

There is some interesting animated materials i discovered in unity. It does’nt appear here but the Gift images are animated and bounce around. Trying to find ways to add some life and animations for the Unity release, adding icons when there is too much text, to fill the space.

So for now,  there is not that much new stuff to show, but i’ll come with more interesting things to show in the weeks to come . Of course, all of us are thinking about adding some game mechanics to spice things up, more details to follow soon!

Isael WIP

Hey All! Last weeks were a bit smooth regarding work on IOU. You know how are those long x-mas and new year holidays combined when you have kids at home ? HO!HO!HO so long!

I just warned Ray that he ‘stole’ the pics i was going to show for the blog. So yeah, here are a bit more of the new fishing gears assets. The names are not final yet. Am also working on a new guild building, the ‘Blacksmith’ . So only a small WIP.

Beside this, we are all pretty much working on Unity. I had to learn it and watch tutos for nearly a complete week, still there is a lot of things to go through, compared to the good old flash ( I’ve been working with flash for a decade and a half) , so i had to put some oil in my rusty cognitive gears!

We will be able to customize a lot of things further, fonts, effects, put some anim on the fly, reuse a lot of windows and buttons without having weird stretching issues with Unity 9-slicing tool that is pretty neat!!!

If you closely look at the Characters of the Character (yes! He!he! does’nt it?) title, you see a 4 corner gradient (don’t spoil my fun!) and a nice fully customizable and shiny glow filter!

Ok, ok, i know most of you guys don’t care as much as i do for this kind of stuff and think i am overexcited over simple things, but for me , it’s a libido booster, i feel testosterone and power of the Almighty God of Pixel Light flow through the veins of my pen…. (yes pen only)!