A pile of windows

Hello There!

So here again i haven’t updated my posts on time. Not that we are currently in vacation, on the opposite, we are constantly trying to update stuff, correct errors, fine tune . I have worked on such a huge number of windows last week that i lost the count and would’nt even know which one to present you guys. I guess i’ll have to pick one , obviously as Unity version is becoming more and more functional, you’ll be able to see them out by yourself.

One of the most interesting one, speaking of enhancement , would be the sacrificial offering window .

There is still the soul orb windows and temple to work on to match in quality and mood , but those should’nt be as long to create than the previous one .

Kay also worked on some tools to modify our workflow and make it easier to collaborate, since there is a lot of bug related to interactions and us being working on same windows . We will probably obtain visual parity with flash (and more) pretty soon . That being said, i don’t have much to say , and since an image worth 1000 words, i’ve already written magazine. See you next week!

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