Rush to release, part 2

Another pretty packed week, with lot of visual element swapping around . As soon as i finished pet arenas, i started reworking the actual sacrificial offerings window , but before finishing it, had to rush to deliver the card pack windows in like 2 days . I think Ray and i overlapped a bit on each other work as he optimized stuff in it  and reworking references and all, while i was redoing it. So that’s like twice the job for him, since i had zero time to even try repairing or even testing basic button functions, so i guess a lot had to be redone after i committed.

Has so much work in mind, that i forgot to post monday as well as yesterday, completely over my mind. I was a bit exhausted lately from an intense 3 week of production and surfing with Unity whimsical attitude, so i took a (semi) day off, just slowly cleaning up all the IOU’s flash files i piled up for the last 3 years and a half, having to buffer through dozen of iterations of many files, sometimes having a different name, often condensing stuff while deleting the leftovers.  . All this to create back-up on external drives and archive that make some senses. I also found a bunch of unused elements that could be used in further releases . Ray is sometimes so busy that i think he missed a fraction of the work i did for the game .

That being said, Here is a pic of the Pet Arena first screen.

I’ve tried to get rid of the entirely green lighting in the previous flash version, and balance it with complementary orange color, that would emphasize a pet cage effect . I did a first version with broken bars around the frames, but thought it was a bit too much.

Here are some of the card packs windows,  i really put some effort to emphasize everything and underline text the best i could . I am rather satisfied of the output of those, for the amount of time i was able to spend on . I know there was problem with button scaling with mouse hovering . Those went super huge . I am about to test the Unity client in days to come and see how all this render and feels on live version, yet i have no clue .

I have to go take a walk, starting to get a back ache from standing too much in front of the screen. I do love my job, but physical decline that may result from a lack of activity and insufficient breathing might be the only downside of it ! I hope you enjoy progress made on the Unity version as much as i do, i have a lot of plans regarding further development for visuals!

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