Daily reward , pet arena.


So i’ve been working almost non-stop on patching the big visual holes in the Guild windows last week, then went after the Daily Reward window and i am currently doing Pet arenas .


So the idea was to have a bit more self-explanatory than the previous one, with golden nuggets and jewels piling up each days . Of course there is other ressources i would have liked to include in those, as IOU is certainly not only about golds, but we get the idea clearly . The whole background went maybe a little too much medieval only, so here again had to put this saturn-like planet as a stamp for each claimed days to balance thematic. I worked a lot the font on this one, fine tuning the lighting and glows around to make it stand.

The pet arena is giving me some troubles, it’s a rather simple one, but i don’t know i’ve tried to add some spice to it with metal borders, i think ideally i would add a bit more wood on those to have brown/orange tint. I’ ll try to have to side being animated to close and open at each stage, a bit like mechanical jaws.

I try as much as possible to not break Kay’s work with script set to collect references and values, in order to avoid errors that prevent from successfully compiling and test the scene. I know i was not able to test a bunch of my own buttons, so you guys testing may have being frustrated by a lack of functionalities , which are in some part ‘hidden’ by my work and RayCasting elements covering what need to be clicked.

There is still so much to do . I have to go back to work! See you next week !

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