Rush to release: part 1


Hey all!

I usually make my post monday in the evening, but was really busy trying to finish replacing placeholder and arranging the visual layout in Guild windows the best i can . There is a lot of nested windows to look at, and around 10:30 pm i discovered some hidden nested windows . This  just scrapped my estimate for delivering and have to finish those today instead .

The fact is that we are currently in a rush to release IOU within the deadline . Though i am not touching any functionalities in it (Thanks God!) and would’nt trade shoes for Kay’s or Jay’s ones, i still feel the need to push on the pedals with much vigor, not even playing with font gradient and materials like i used to do, in my eternal quest to find THE most fitting shape and chromatic pick for those.

There is still the fishing pond and and shop i can show . Slightly changed the set up in the shop however, with a single text box at the bottom and further abilities to switch packs left to right, just like almost every listing board in IOU. The icons may be a little too big for now, but they’ll have to wait.

As the for the guild itselft,  the only thing i have redone is a cleaner straight wooden board, that i’ll use in all of the guild’s window, having only to decorate and put newer icons later :

Nothing much exciting, but i think it’s clean enough for a correct display. I have to go, still have a lot to do ! See you next week !

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