FF: Titan One

No, this does not stand for a final fantasy chapter, it stands for ‘Font Funeral’ as i have to  bury  one of IOU’s most used font when it came to windows title . The name is Titan One, and…. we spent nearly 4 years together. You were so round,  evocative of purity, youth and synonymous of infinite possibilities.  Here is a quick obituary:

We have to replace some fonts cause they are not multi-langage.

We are currently looking for a qualified candidate to replace this lost and loved one….


Alright it’s only a font after all. We are thinking about keeping only few fonts, like 3-4, to keep it simple and help the whole being consistent. However there is a lot of stuff to be done with fonts, regarding materials, we can even fill them with textures, so that could come handy when trying to add some highlights on larger text , especially titles.

On a more positive note, but still talking about death, i worked a lot of the taxidermist window . I preferred this kind of gloomier style, since , well, we are talking about dead fishes and how to present them . I kept some original assets but replaced some, and added some stuff to fill the blank and underline what have to be. I particularly hated the first version’s title, and realized it was wrong after it was done. That’s the problem when spending a lot of time with visuals, you get blinded by them and often need some distance to get it accurate and make correction with a fresher eye.

The title of this window is pretty long, and makes it being too linear for a good distance, so before fooling with font textures, i thought it was a good idea to break the straightness of it by using some icons placed in the middle and this bony fish and hanging sea weed just did the job.


I am now working on the shop window and plan to make a sharper version of the fishing net, as the outline of the rocks at each extremities of it is too large and make it loot a bit flat.


Stay tuned for further visual developments!


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