Fishing lab


I am actually trying to improve a window that bugged me for a while : the fishing lab . I dont know exactly what i disliked that much in it, beside the fact that there is useless badges, (with outline strokes deleted) scattered here and there , generally speaking, in all fishing related windows.

I had to rework the pearl icon, cause the older one was done with flash and both my skills back then and this very same software kind of limited the output. Another thing i disliked on my first (current flash) version, is the top header that make the whole look a little flat.  So i just had to put some color and a section of a greener horizontal sewer-like lab pool . I wonder what it would look like if i had the actual tabs float with the wave behind. The tabs were without icons, so i just took some of most representative gears and put them there for a better display . There is a lot of thing i’d like to do but i’ll have to move to something else, so maybe some extra hours on this one to test some ideas and have it done. Here is a short gif of what it would look like.

We had a conversation last week with some players , Lynn and I (Ray was there also) , about the guild and what some of you would like to see improved in it. It was a fun meeting, but a bit dizzy, not being used to process that much lines of text on such a short time scale . What i know about some users, is that they don’t care that much about cosmetics ( hey! i am not into lipsticks and Mary Kay color palettes? Bouhouuhouuu! ) in games. Seriously, i don’t find any offenses in it, it’s even a bit relieving somehow, that those players won’t be the one that will evaluate my work harshly. Hehehe! But we are also thinking about new players base and some of them might be looking for better visual experience. With that in mind, i won’t be able to deliver triple AAA graphics on my own, but at least A and a half would be nice, and i am trying my best to improve everything i can for the sake of IOU’s future!




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