Hello everyone, hope you all are liking our chat channel with the Team. This past week we talked with Isael about Guilds.

Many ideas were tossed out there so let’s hope I don’t forget anything.

  • Guest spots in guilds – temporary members eg; people to do pushes for ships, stone and sac tower
  • When you search for a guild it’s next to impossible to know anything about it without joining
  • Would be nice to search guilds without leaving your existing one
  • More buildings would be nice
  • Expand guild inspects
  • Log for kicks/promotions/donations
  • Ability to filter donations out of guild chat or to have them not set off the “new chat” alert

There were mixed responses when Ray asked…What do you think about the ability to customize aspects of your guild town? Maybe additional styles of buildings, placing décor, ect..

Ray also suggested that they are looking at potential avatar system this year, so being able interact with other character in other means outside of the battle window would be rather interesting..He thinks for a more “roleplay” experience.

Here is a quick list of other suggestions:

  • Get a character button off the top tier menu and replace with something we have to do more often, like expeditions or mining or wood
  • Orb donations don’t all need a separate screen – just have x1 x10 x100 etc..on each orb…
  • A button linking between mine and logging areas so you could easily switch between them, since they are both typically done at the same time.

Lets all not forget the great job Isael is doing with his artwork.

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success…(especially when you got Ray behind you with a whip like Isael does)

Cheers, Lynn


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