Me Meets Meeting

Hey folks,

This was the most unorganized meeting for a while, and entirely my fault as I have been dealing with a hundred things at once this last week more intensively.

While I won’t go into all that at the moment, I’ll fill you in on the quick items from today’s meeting and hope to have a more organized approach next week.

Small Item Points

  • Guild Issues
    We discussed continued desync issues that I need to dig into again
  • Cursor Offset Issues
    Need more information. Can’t determine if this is offset, browser flaw, etc. Keeping an ear on the issue
  • Unable to connect to servers – No X button!
    I have finally tackled this and it should make it into the next patch. It annoys me as well during testing!
  • Sub Packs Blank Window
    I think we discovered the problem here and it should be fixed in the next patch. As usual let us know if it happens.

Unity Development

  • We are developing a version control system for remote assetbundles to make life easier when we update certain things.
  • Challenges & Bingo are being tackled this week by Jay
  • Many small bugs/issues are being tackled by Kay
  • We are getting feedback of the game using a fair bit of CPU. This isn’t our focus atm, but we’ll tackle a couple things for it soon. No concerns on our end, just not an aspect we went haywire on yet, unlike the memory issue on web.

Things are coming along. We technically would have just over a month to be ready for Live. I would still state this is possible but the biggest concern is tech issues of players as we have not been able to test with enough players to truly know the stability of webGL for average players.

We’ll still target April 1st, but you’d be a fool to take that as a promise.

In other news i’ll be tackling 1-2 more final patches in Flash at this point, outside of events. I’ve been a bit slow on the flash-front but it’s on the top of my list of things to work on. Bear with!



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