Player’s party box

So, i spent lot more time than i think i would on this party box window . At first i just thought i would create simple planks to drop the players pets and basic info over, just like in the current flash version. Then, i thought, why having it simple when i have the great opportunity to make it look more detailed and enticing ? One thing led to another, and then i had no choice but keeping fine tuning the whole until it look a bit more like a warrior squad representation.  Since we basically have 3 more players to join the party, i made 3 badges with the 3 primary colors ( in additive light synthesis, that is) Red, green and blue . Each of them would have a different weapon as an icon on the corner , just to have a ‘collect them all’ feeling when you play with a group . Who knows, those icons could maybe be the player personal weapons for a future avatar system!

I think all the assets beside pets and the skull icon are made from scratch, hence the whole week being gulped by this simple gone complex task, switching between this final wooden version and another one that had a more metallic look . There is actually animations added in, but i am not showing the gifs here cause it’s a bit laggy (having unity, youtube playing music, screen to gif software and probably 200 hundreds obscures process in the background made it difficult) .

As you can see, there is not much space left for details, and i had to put a hold on my frenzy, fearing that keeping on adding things would make it look over stuffed. I don’t have much to say beside that i still have a ton of work to do with the Unity rehaul!

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