Valentines Weekend Devblog

Hey folks,

Quick summary of today’s meeting among other things….

Removal of Ascension & Inferno. Conversion into ‘Level Points’ or similar.
I am looking into major reworkings of the beginning of the game, including end-game, and while these things aren’t as close as I’d like, we still discuss them….
• Removal of AT0/1/2 in place of simply leveling up and the difficulty increasing.
• Upon reaching certain levels players can select the difficulty mode of the planet, if they have the proper level requirement
• Removal of Inferno difficulty system tiers, in place of a much more condensed difficulty system (100 thousand difficulty levels is silly, we should be able to narrow this down significantly)
• Scaling of XP, gold, cards can be tied to the condensing of the difficulties
• Inferno levels will be dragged into ‘regular’ levels. No more 200+ inferno level, just ‘level’.

11th Planet
The Mining Academy

I don’t have more information to share beyond that, and won’t for a while. This is a side task for Isael to work on in preparation for later this year.

Level Gains
I have a new slow-down in place for lv 25k. Will work with testers on that, but it’ll certainly work to slow down leveling a bit as it has gotten a bit crazy, and without further restriction on leveling, we cannot possibly keep pushing any further rate bonuses (such as orb tiers).

Notes of Concern

  • Confusion regarding EP: I need to come up with a better system for recoup as the amount is manual and not always maintained well by me

  • Something that we can tackle in Unity, but something that was brought up in today’s meeting.


  • Major Reduction in memory usage now to support 32-bit users 
  • Previously 290 used was normal. This is a major improvement
  • We are going to be pushing several ‘fix’ updates this week on test, as we have nearly finalized a major new renovation for the asset-loading. We have a bit more work to do there but we definitely need to get major changelogs rolling.


Minor internal discussions regarding how I can be a cranky guy when there’s delays and lack of communication, and how lack of communication is the key issue behind why I can get cranky.
While we have improved so much as a team, I still strive to nitpick in any area that has room for improvement so we go over these topics still frequently.

Last Words

It’s valentines & Family Day weekend here in Canada, so i’ve been trying to spend some time with the kids, but I also want to say I appreciate the IOU community as a second family here. Outside of sometimes frustration phases of development and agreements/disagreements I’m extremely proud of the IOU community and what it has become throughout the years, nothing quite like the IOU Family.
I’ve seen very small groups of people get alone and outweigh things with positivity/combined humor but the IOU folks definitely surpass anything I’ve run into before, and it never ceases to surprise me.

So that being said, thank you for not being anything like the following communities:

  • The Reddimwit Community
  • Farcebook
  • Twitter Twats
  • Youturds
  • Instagroan
  • Blizzard
  • Fortnite
  • and so many more.



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