Moving Forward

Hey Folks,

I don’t have much to discuss on this blog as I had to jump out of yesterday’s meeting early, but I’ll still share what details I can.

Issues Brought Up

  • Empty reward boxes
    This was a mistake on my part. I had the reward window popping for everyone, even if they didn’t have retro global warming pack reward fixes in place.
  • Expedition Fuel doesn’t overflow safely
    People who received a lot of fuel (over max) from codes could lose their fuel after a regular regeneration occurred. This will be fixed in the next patch.


We were flying with all the reports on test with frequent builds, but we ran into a couple big issues.

  1. Cache Control
    There was a serious issue where people would load the game and be presented with some of the client’s files downloaded from the past, which would then cause issues.
    The fix for this was clearing cache or finding the appdata (windows) and deleting those files. This was unacceptable to require of players, so we reworked a system that would effectively attempt to load the assets, then clear them automatically if there was any issue present.We still have more work on this as I believe we need some kind of asset-bundle version control, but in the meantime this covers things well.
  2. Memory Management
    For the most part players are able to play the web version without issue, however 32bit, low ram, or folks on certain browsers are running into immediate memory errors.We have to completely rework the way windows are developed and loaded into the game to significantly improve this.The cost will be slight lag-spikes on opening windows like Guild or Expeditions, but this is common in many games.

    The good part is development will become a lot cleaner/easier for specific windows, and the client-side will have the ability to be scaled down incredibly, on top of much lower memory usage.

What else?

Wow you’re greedy! Fine…

  1. Artifact for Global Warming Event.
    Isael is working on the art for this. No idea on the stats yet but I am planning an artifact for the current event.
  2. Mail System
    The mail assets are mostly ready for programming. We’ll be integrating the mail system with the Unity client, which is pretty exciting because while the Unity version is behind on current features, this will actually be the first major new feature presented in the Unity version that Flash does not have.
    I anticipate this will be finished and functional within 2 weeks as a side thing.
  3. Community Point System
    Can’t delve too much yet but I’ll be working to figure out how I want to handle this system ahead. We will have Test Admins that will help us work through test runs, gather reports and work with us on what the community is experiencing. They’ll have the ability to credit community points into a queue to be greenlit-credited by the team and so on.The community points will mark a 3rd system, which can only be best described barely similar to Lineage, as it will include rewards and status within the community for heroic participation! Nothing too crazy sadly, for obvious reasons but I want there to be a good way to thank the community for their hard work, exploit reports, testing, etc. It means a lot, and without that this game never would have stood on two legs, let alone make it to 2019.
  4. The BIGGEST feature yet!
    Your mom.
    That’s right. I’m that mature.

Catch ya next week. Thanks!


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