Let’s talk Events

Hello everyone, thanks again for all those that participated yesterday.

This week we talked about Events. Many of you feel the same way about the Events:

  • Events should be low efforts.
  • No need to be online for great lengths at a time to complete events.
  • And overall events should be idle friendly

Anyways, the main reason or purpose for Events are to gain some extra rewards and to distract you from the usualness of the day to day game. I was surprised, however, to hear that people spoke of taking a break between Events instead of going right into a new Event when one is finished. After thinking about this thought, it really does make sense. Ray even said that they are thinking of events to run 2-3 weeks at a time.

It was suggested being able to select the type of rewards…people took a liking to that suggestion and Jay too, but choosing rewards appears to be secondary to how the events work. Needless to say, it would be very cool to customize rewards outside of EP.

Jay suggested looking at scaling rewards based on level past a certain point..but not promising on it.

Global Events has been a huge hit while RPG on the other hand hasn’t and is likely dead in the water.

Many of you agreed that more time should be spent on New Features than for New Events when asked by Jay. Common Comments were of 70-75% for New Features and 30-25% on New Events.

Lastly, Ray asked “What is your most anticipated feature, or most anticipated reward of an existing system?” Pet Runes and BEASTS seems to be what everyone is most anticipating.

Well that is all I have for you, until we chat again…

Cheers, Lynn





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