Jay’s Dev Journal #4

This week started with a rush to get things where we wanted them with the Unity client before we started the testing mid-week. Lots of scrambling to fix some last minute unknown issues, and prioritizing what we would or wouldn’t have in the initial test. Ultimately the two big things that didn’t make it into the testing were challenges and the party display.

I know there has been some push-back about the state of things as we entered our initial testing so I wanted to take a moment to address that here. There are many things that are obviously not working properly (and we knew many of them). However several windows were ‘done’ from our point of view, and we either overlooked an issue in the rush to get things done, or things were broken because of other changes we made and hadn’t realized it. Testing at this point helps us identify and catalog these pronlems. However; possibly even more important is collecting feedback about how things -should- function. Waiting to start collecting that feedback until everything is perfect would just leave us having to redo large amounts of work.

Since the release of the test client, I haven’t done much outside of fixing issues that have been identified. As I’m sure kay will talk about, we also did some design work to revamp how the windows are loaded to reduce memory usage and clean up some recurring issues that were making themselves known. Finally I’ve been working on getting a single persistent testing page up. Right now we have a bot that dynamically pulls the testing link when we do a build, but having a single page for people to go to seems obviously superior to everyone on the team.

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