Kay’s Happy Dev Life

Greetings everyone!

Last week was pretty high, that I was unsure what I actually did. All I could remember were bug fixes and short naps, and of course, dreams of me having conversation with Jay.

For a full week, below is pretty much what it looks like in our internal chat channel:

Progress-wise, we completed all windows last week, though upon further checks by Jay, we discovered that we missed Support Level and Lineage Level window, so we added them to complete the Character Stat window (well, obviously it’s not that ‘complete’ after reports by testers, heh).

Then, Jay and I agreed that we should push for bug fixes discovered in existing windows, instead of working on something new and left bugs untreated. So for the rest of the week, bug fixes are the only things that appear in our chat channel, along with Ray’s whipping rope icons (nop).

We finally made it to the point of build production, then out of a sudden, a background download bug stopped us from being able to log into Monster Battle window… ouch.

Needless to say, it was a mental breakdown for me and Ray, since we didn’t really know what caused this critical bug from 9th circle of hell back then. Fortunately, we found the bug in minutes, disabled background download temporarily, pushed the build to testers, and the rest is about heroic acts from our glorious testers.

Personally, I am super happy that we finally made to this point. I started this alone in March last year, then we went through a hell lot of challenges, discussions, rehauls, and team restructuring to be able to come to this achievement.

By no way I can say the current build is a good one (after reading through reports lol), but I still see it as a life achievement, completed by all team members and early testers.

There are absolutely more to be fixed and polished! So it’s just 2 days passed, but I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all active testers, who are spending time to discover and report bugs. You can’t imagine how much time are saved on our side, which could be used more efficiently for fixes and new features.

Besides, the details of the bug descriptions are so precise that I could understand the issues and work on fixes directly. I saw tons of reports throughout my dev life, but I must say you people are. so. professional.

Moving on, we will continue to pump out more fixes, and finally touch on the major performance optimization, that is to make game windows instantiation-based instead of editor-preloaded.. wait, Ray talked the only part I can be nerdy about?

Ok, anyway, what I want to say is we are working toward more awesome fixes along with new stuffs, so kindly stay tuned for that. Ray will be tagging me in hours, so I should be back to exterminating bugs!


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