Challenge window

I spent last week on the challenge window . I had an idea in mind of something that would look both futurist and a bit more medieval/ancient era , so here are a part of the results. I am saying it’s only a part cause there is almost only the futurist part on most of them(beside the medieval ‘fanions’ like hanging drape), with glowing thunderstrike effects on the headers of the first windows.

So my general idea was trying to put stone behind, ideally something that would look like Parthenon or greek temples, probably whiter columns or pillar as sides and maybe marble like cornices with small snake heads somewhere in between . Some specially tailored icons for those windows would be great as well. I had similar idea for the the orb window later, so i have to keep in mind to really keep the kind of god worshiping temple aspect for the orb window and throws in distinctive ideas for the current one.

Only a part of what i wanted is done, since i realized time was passing way too fast with my experiments, trying to mix together a ton of assets before having something toward the direction i wanted.


So those need to be reworked a bit, scaled, and balanced animation wise (since i tend to go crazy yet with possibilities regarding material animations in Unity). Since i felt rushed in time and had to focus more into having those done by the week for Kay and Jay to tie functions in, i could not afford to spend all the time i wanted and end up ‘throwing’ some stuff in by the end. But my main frame and ideas are kept there.





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