Feb 3rd, 2019 Internal Meeting

Hey folks,

Quite a long meeting today going through a lot of items…

Meeting Discussion Points

Issues brought up recently:

  • Sub Pack credit issues lingering
    These can delay a day then credit double the following. We will look into it.
  • Players wanting nerf-rate formula
    Jay will set out this task when he gets a chance. Probably a low priority for the immediate.
  • Newly created tickets having delays being an issue
    I looked into solutions with Zendesk and believe we have a work around coming up for more instant updates on ticket creations

Creating proper test accounts for Kay & Jay

They always test on ‘Ray’! We always disconnect eachother during testing so this is a silly but necessary item we discussed.

Future Development Cycles – Beginning in April

Working on a new consistency theme similar to what you see with dev-blog posts here. We will be targeting a specific date system for updates for the entire team, once we can all work on the same aspects (instead of some live, some unity).

Small patch mid-month

1. 2nd week of every month

2. Includes QoL stuff and fixes/balance changes

3. Never anything requiring a major client update due to mobile/launching

4. Likely to include preparations for the monthly large patch update

5. Can only be delayed if there’s a solid excuse

6. Simple change notes are fine

Large patch first Monday of every month

1. Can never be delayed

2. Always includes an event

3. Always includes a content addition

4. Should include a major breakdown of patch notes…down to the nitty gritty

I feel from a psychological perspective this will get rid of the negative feeling that nothing is going on, and avoid folks from getting too bored for too long waiting for the next piece.


Big discussions on this….

  • Walked through major new process for gathering feedback and reports from testers.
    Not really a transparency thing here but I can’t get into the specifics yet just as the process is being finalized for this week.
    Basically we’ll be asking for a lot of help soon.
  • Community Support Point System
    We’re looking at a major new theme to incentivize testing, reporting, and simply participating in the community. This will tie in with the above point when the time comes.
  • Monster positioning in the battle window
    I manually set the positioning of every monster in the background for IOU (multiple times if you consider the revamped art). Unfortunately this might complicate things and require that it be done again for Unity. Low priority item.

Discord Discussions

“It was awesome to see everyone’s love/appreciation. I actually want to point something out from 3 years ago and it’s awesome to see people respect the team in the same way this fella did 3+ years ago.


However, The discussion was chaotic as expected, and it needs more organization. ”

Basically we discussed better planning for discussions and to continue to work on improving the process flow for them to avoid it being too messy.

End of NYE

Biggest reason for letting it linger and not just removing it? No participation badge ready. I need to set this up, and Isael needs to create the art for it, then we’ll be moving on.

Mail System

Among a rather important item coming up on the Unity side….we’ll be integrating the Mail System finally. However since Flash will not be getting this piece we discussed the need to ensure to have two supported systems. The old (for flash, where things are sent/rewarded immediately), and the new (mail items & notifications).

Instantiation vs Editor-Preloaded

Ok nerds, this is for you. We ran into major WebGL memory limitation issues that lead to us preloading literally EVERYTHING into the Unity editor, so when the game is run, every single window is already loaded in the background and memory is very static. We did this instead of loading windows and their assets as needed because of the memory issues, but because of Unity’s newer prefab system that allows slight property changes to individual prefabs (basically child prefabs), we can certainly rework this.
The biggest issue right now with development on Unity is how clunky it is trying to work on a scene with a hundred windows. It’s slow, messy, but incredibly smooth during play-time.
Kay was guided to figure out a solid way to transition back to instantiation methods without locking the rest of the team out of commits. The method for this is a window here and there, mixed systems in the meantime.

Front-End Linking on a Static testing page

After cloud builds are executed and succeed (almost an hour later), players are presented a share link to the latest version. This is nice but it isn’t great for ensuring people are going to be on the latest client.

For starters we need to grab that completed client link, and ensure the test page we host statically can bring the player to the latest build instead of forcing them to open the new randomly generated share links each time.

Front-End Version Control

(A new optional version is available. Check the notes [HERE]. Start Update, Maybe Later)

(A new update has been released and is required to continue playing [Start Update])

Having a checkmark to auto update would be good so it automates for the end-user, if they agree to it in options

New Code System

Auto-publishing system that publishes to social media & discord. The codes to be pre-created by lynn and prescheduled for a specific time each day. They can be customized/edited at any time, but need to be published at the same time for consistency.

We will tackle this sometime down the road, but definitely want to go this route.

Team Guidelines & Dev Sprinting

I set out on some expectations from the team pertaining to improving and ensuring our process in development and reliability stays in tune as it has been going great lately and I don’t want us to lose that.

  1. If we need to add or change UI, it should be extremely simple and quick. If it is not, fix the process
  2. If we want to release a test build, it should be extremely simple
  3. If we need to release an emergency build, it must be possible to do very quickly.
    Client-side can be complicated we must look into redundancies (going back a version)
    Server-side is quick but I would like something quicker and more streamlined
  4. We plan on Sunday and execute expectations as quickly as possible in a sprint-like manner. Saturday should be a day off, Sunday is generally meetings & follow-ups, as where the beginning execution begins on Monday.

And that’s all folks. I’ll have more information this week coming up on testing, end of event, new event, etc.



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