Chat with Lynn

Hello everyone, I would like to thank everyone for participating in our first Chat session on Discord. I will try to summarize the best I can.

The new Blog and receiving more information has been a huge hit with most of you.

Thanks to all of you bringing up the white background in the Blog and how hard it is to view…just like…Ray fixed it and we now have a black background, and much easier on your eyes…So big Thanks for his quickness and fixing this right away.

Artifacts seems to be a big hit with everyone and the endless possibilities with this new additive to the game. Jay expressed that the plan is to add them to most events, but can’t promise you will get a new artifact with every event.

Jay brought up the in-game global chat and expressed that he wished people used more. A point was made about the wanting the ability to message people in game and custom chat tabs. Another neat thing mentioned was to create a chat with certain friends (and even a friends list), since there are many players that don’t event use Discord. Jay commented on chat updating issues will hopefully get resolved with Unity.

Ray mentioned that he considering having someone work solely on things like the blog, site, and publishing efforts, but not until Unity is running smoothly.

A point was made if there was a way to battle the RPG event monsters we build up at the end of the event. PVP

Jay mentioned an “all button for dynamite” as someone mentioned the time spent on buying and using dynamite. A huge YES, from many players. Jay mentioned how dynamite is only for one thing, but it was mentioned why not use them on the trees or event fishing…hmmm.

Keep in mind, there is going to be an ingame voting board system for suggestions and reports.

Jay wants everyone to know they can join our testing channel where feedback is always welcomed.

Mixed feelings with the RPG event, some people liked it and some didn’t…sadly we won’t be seeing it again as Jay said it didn’t get moved to Unity.

Short discussion about the Console Commands, Ray popped in to to say there is a build in the system in the Unity version. It needs some TLC but its base system is integrated.

Well Donations – it was talked about with entering all the 0’s and perhaps a donate all button or slider be implemented. Concern with new players not having enough gold to donate as much. Or just to make it 100M, 100B, 100T…….

Ray- said that everything eventually will get reworked, the team will definitely be digging into balance for the beginning half of the game.

Buy all button was suggested for the Upgrades when using gold.

I hope that wasn’t too painful to read, I will be working on shortening my notes in the future..

Cheers, Lynn



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