Jay Dev Journal #3


I’ve been working on getting finishing touches done for the unity client before we release the testing version. As part of that this week I went through all of the yet-to-be-handled network packets and documented would still needed to be done to get those up and working and got Kay working on things accordingly.

Meanwhile I’ve been correcting bugs across a number of windows including the mining window, character window, guild creation and joining and matchmaking. As well as finishing some overlooked aspects of the pet windows.

Finally for the unity client, me and ray decided on the form that we’d be collecting and directing feedback about the Unity client once we release it to testing. Requires more organization that testing smaller things at once normally does, so we had to formalize a system of feedback for it.


We had our first community discussion this week. I’m sure most of the people that are reading this blog were also likely present. I can’t say that I’ll be at all future meetings as we try and mix up their timings and which of us are present in accordance with the chosen topic. I though this weeks meeting went excellently and got some great feedback on a list of items that seemed mostly easy to implement but I wasn’t previously aware that the community wanted in all cases.

List of summarized feedback from my notes:

Dark theme for blog
Something for fish quality?
Min fishing quality upgrade?
Use all dynamite button
Slider for wishing well
upgrade all for auto upgrade
Update code rewards

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