Kay’s Fast and Furious Dev Life

Salut everyone!

As mentioned heavily, we are speeding toward release of Unity beta build, and now looking back into our progress:

Friday: Orb Sacrifice window, Virtue window
Sunday: Bingo window
Monday: Artifact window
Tuesday: Purchase window

We are still producing a window each day! Though, as we proceed, Jay and I feel the need to improve our base framework for the windows, as the framework becomes quite limited as we put in more features. In common practice we wanted the framework to be as flexible as possible, so adding/removing features will be easier and more fluid. You know, the romance of programmer!

Sidenote: I particularly like being able to test Bingo window with Potatotator icon. Too bad it’s just a placeholder.

The release of beta test build is, truly, soon, though what I am really excited is not just the release, but also the fact we’ll be adding new features soon, as we are phasing out from just replicating existing features. I believe this is something I will be equally happy with the players, yay!

During development we also encountered a major bug that deletes entire Mining window, and needless to say it was a mental breakdown moment for me, because if I am to redo the window again…. and a more important point here is my explosion effect is also lost in the process, so I definitely want to get it backkk!

So I rode the time machine… I hope I have one, but we have a kind-of-similar stuff for Unity project, that is called Collab History. It allows us to revert project to a past state, in case anything ever goes wrong. Think of it as a save point!

Though I wanted to retrieve lost Mining window by revert the project, the challenge here is at that time, we already made some progress in Unity project, so reverting the project = our latest progress in these 2 days will be gone.

Thus, with my 10 years of experience with screwing stuffs up in mind, I duplicated our main project, then revert the duplicated project into past state to retrieve the Mining window, then put it back into main project and hola, our issue is solved, our progress are still there, and we’re back to pushing beta test build, which I completely forgot at that point.

Gotta go back to whipping myself for build production! See ya’ll next week with beta test build!

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