Adventures in Unity Land!


So last week in Unity was a pretty hefty one . Had to complete 3 windows (including the LoadingScreen one) , in 5 days . It may be easy for an experimented Unity user, but it was not that easy for me, especially when i tried to cope with some button anims and materials furthermore .

So far, there is nothing impressive in the purchase window, beside some nice reflective material that allow badges to shine like a baby freshly out of womb and a cool ‘turn to metal’ shader that make diamonds and jewels  looks pretty nice  . Also, the animation’s transitions are way smoother, so lit buttons and badges will progressively climb to full brightness then progressively fade. Way better than the old flash almost binary : lit-unlit.

It looks generally pretty similar to the previous one. Still i’ll probably come back to each windows when they’ll be at least functional.

I also set the Artifact window layout up, Kay being in charge of tying the code and functions in . This one looks way better than the previous one . At the time, Ray used to create windows from the assets i provided him , probably being rushed a lot, so everything was put up in a haste. I drew the book holding the artifacts icons in the same time we did the last Halloween Event, and it was at first supposed to be included in that one .  The goal here is really to make those artifacts stand out and pop from the background.

I started to set the challenge window today, and i’ll probably make it different from the previous one, as the former window style had a huge discrepancy speaking of graphical style.

Today,  i thought i scrapped a part of the project with my most recent  version of the project being pushed through the ‘collab’ functionality of Unity, allowing us to work independently on scene and gather our respective work into a single file . It was conflicting with the main scene and just erased a part of it….

Kay has been of great help providing some kind of back-up before Jay and I got a heart stroke . It seems this tool is still in early development, so it is still buggy, but we found some way to improve our workflow and trying to make it more secure for further exports.

I can’t wait until tomorrow to start working on this idea i had for the challenge window. Until then, i am going to sleep again! See you next week!

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