Jan 27th – Sunday Meeting

Meeting Notes

Hey folks….not a huge exciting post here, but some details regarding today’s internal meeting:

Some people getting older client versions

I think we may have an issue with the version control not parsing correctly to the CDN, giving older client if people had downloaded them way back when. Looking into this issue.

Fishing Overflow

Should be fixed in the next version now. Was caused by a client integer overflow

Unity Progression

Follow ups from the team looked great. I reviewed the latest build as prepared for me, and it seems like there’s quite a few older windows that had broken after the past few months. The team will be looking into them and working out some fixes hopefully by next Sunday. Have some assets I need to get to Kay for Orbs, Challenges, etc.

It seems like we are looking at casual test sessions beginning of February, and going haywire by mid-february with a more public testing phase, where we’ll be requesting far more people to help us test things J

There’s a few big items that are being looked at:

  1. Challenge Window
  2. Abilities
  3. Backgrounds for all battles
  4. Tip System

We will also be adding a [LOCAL] and [TEST] button on the splash screen to speed up our ability to test locally while Unity is in major development phases. It won’t do anything for testers except stop them from connecting if they try to enable it, but it’ll save a lot of time on our behalf.

Strange guild desyncs

We had a couple reports of odd desyncs. I’ll be looking into a few things related to it today. The issue stems from a single user with guild desyncs that were resolved from a room reset, but resurfaced shortly later. Investments not matching on the guild.

We’ve always had guild desync issues but they have significantly been improving over time. The problem is they still exist and we don’t know why…..mostly because of time involvement. While I’ll be looking briefly at it today, I do intend to set aside a solid week this year into cleaning up guild desyncs hopefully once and for all.

Discord Discussions

We outlined the first discussion coming up will be revising the plan around how they are hosted thereafter

That’s all! Back to work for me.



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