New Years Dev Blog

Happy New Years folks…

This blog page is going to look pretty bland to start but we wanted to start up the process of weekly blogs from the team. Yadda Yadda lets get started…

New Years Event

This event is quite a bit different from last years…..

There will only be three balls and they all operate a lot differently.

  1. The First Ball affects the total Artifact Accrued for the event
  2. The second ball affects several bonuses at once, including XP, Gold, Fish, Stone, Wood, Cards.
  3. Th last ball affects everyone’s rewards at the end of the event who participated (by obtaining the artifact)

Mining Cap Increase

The mining cap will be increased to 1100 (from 1050) as a start. This will further increase as we continue to monitor progression.


Lots of new gear coming soon with fishing! 5 more tiers for each piece of gear.

Fishing nets will have two separated versions of its currency.

  1. Nets accumulated from NRG
  2. Nets earned or bought

The intention is to NOT prevent the timer from crediting passive nets just because someone has bought or earned a lot of nets as this is setting players back.

Inferno Cap

We will be increasing the Inferno cap to well above 40,000. We are looking at an increase up to 100,000 but I cannot finalize a number just yet as we have more testing to do.

Expedition Balancing

Expeditions, especially the ship arena, have long been a significant issue on the balancing of the game. We have some ideas ahead to rectify this as best as possible, without punishing players who invested and focused heavily into these systems.

As the most negative piece however we will be further negating the end-game potential of diamond accruals from expeditions. This will be on test later today.

We have other ideas pertaining to AP, SO and Dynamite ahead but have no intention on harming invested or new players in the process of these changes, but to ensure they are effective for the games future.

Pet Balancing vs Auto Damage

We are looking at the addition of a new building to affect Auto Damage, among other voids to fill when comparing to Pet Damage.

Auto & Click base damage upgrades will be getting a very major revamp in the future as well to allow it the potential to compete with high end pet system.

It will still be well over a month before this is focused and dealt with though as a heads up.

In-Game Polling & Voting System

We are anticipating the upcoming development of an in-game bug reporting and suggestion system that will allow players to upvote, downvote, comment, and even upload images for reference (with moderation of course).

For months I have been digging for a proper service to integrate into IOU for such an effect and I have not been happy with anything available. If you can’t find it, make it!

This system will be for Unity-only.

Unity Progression

We just had the longest meeting we’ve ever had and still didn’t get to finish some of the items on our list.

We will be pushing Unity testing hard starting mid January. We are re-organizing our roles and assignments in order to prepare for this transition and will be going gung-ho about it.

This item during this dev blog seems the least exciting but it is holding every major future change in its grasp as we are winding to having a proper and full organized team all working together on fast-tracking development.

I’ll leave the rest to the others 😉


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