Overdue Q&A w/ Ray

Hey folks,

Finally going to answer the Q & A questions that I can. However, I’m also going to compile all the UI/QoL related items at the bottom and will be including them in #unity-votes on the testing discord for IOU-Unity in February.




Add a weekly bingo ticket in a subscription packs, its likely that all the ppl who like to support the game will buy em then, even ones sitting on 750, totally disregarding 3k diamonds/30 dyna. or even one per 2 weeks. I mean bingo is addictive, even if its not profitable

We are considering options for a revamp of, or a new subscription pack with a little more value involved. This is a good idea for an addition though that I don’t have any arguments against a subscriber receiving an additional bingo ticket.

A variety of sub packs would be neat

Agreed! We revamped the whole pack system to support this but having been avoiding the marketing aspect until we have treated our userbase more fairly feature/content-wise. Unity development has force neglect for a good while….however once we can offer more of the game to everyone, we can start pushing a few more packs into the mix to make sense of it and fund the continued ventures of the game’s development.

When’s the rpg event coming back? :^)

    Probably never. Sorry L


Can unlocking mine with the wood also give crystals? i just started an alt, experience is: you get decent diamonds, but almost no crystals, because you get wood faster/unlock mine floors faster with wood then you can clear a floor. so current sources of crystals for a new player are quite limited: expeditions/daily claims. unless you specifically delay unlocking floors and lose stone, which isnt a good idea in most cases.

    We recently revamped the mining and while the crystal gains may seem low, they are definitely a lot higher than before. I don’t feel it’s time just yet to revamp that again.

With the unity rehaul, will there be an option to fire off all challenge abilities with one shortcut? This is currently difficult for players who only have the use of one hand.

    We have to take into account mobile players. This belongs more on the bottom compilation of items but I wanted to chime in still and say I support the idea of such a feature.


What is the current expected release date for the Unity client?

    February for the testing beta with 95% of the windows complete (though rough).

    April for live release!


Have you considered running the server on a timezone that doesnt observe daylight saving time?

    No, sorry. Because I have to relate times to my personal time. I know this sounds selfish but given the complexities of all the systems and releases with the game, it makes more sense to adhere the timing to our timezone to avoid nasty mistakes.


Do you think the current EP recoup system is fair for starting players? Would you consider allowing to recoup more EP?

I think it’s far more fair to new players than it is veterans. They invested and started way before you and yet you have the ability to catch up to them in a fraction of the time 😉 However at some point it does come into context that there should be an easier way to catch up to a minimum threshold, or that catchup mechanic becomes obsolete as the game continues to progress and age.


I know its not a priority but is there any chance of updating VIP rewards at some point? So much has been added since the beginning that a strait damage, xp, cards boost is rather boring these days. What about some additional bonuses like maybe damage in either ship/pet arena, or a boost to crystal collection, or maybe a few +1 fish tier at certain vip ranks? Maybe some bonus related to the upcoming pet runes? Any or all of these spread out of the the vip ranks would make it a bit more interesting.

    Yes, though I need to be seriously careful due to how the high end VIP levels were intended to not truly be possible, yet here we are thanks to the inclusion of F2p Diamonds.


Since the space push feature, a good guild is no longer decided on its IOU Score but rather the amount of total net worth. Have you considered adding total guild net worths to the highscores to reflect this?

We intend to completely revamp the top scoring system

Auto-complete challenges that we ve outrgrown with current base dps. like 2T with 5* challenge orb char could just claim all bronze/silver/some gold challenge rewards w/o even getting there

We will be revamping challenge system this year significantly


I understand ship power is not an exact who will win situation. But should it not be a little closer than it is now? What is the point of having it at all if my 22492 can lose to 14705? I have 53% more power rating but lose because of 1 stacked ship. I am not saying that he shouldn’t be able to build however he wants and maybe that is better, but that the higher level upgrades should scale more in power rating so that it is a little more accurate.

It has always been flawed. We will try our best to work with the community down the road to improve the formula, though it will be difficult to be accurate either way.

Why only 3 of your team has unified names, but not the rest? I propose Say, and Lay

Jokes can only go so far before they become too stupid lol

Gold log orb

We won’t be adding a new orb that I can think of for a couple months, but will consider new ones after that.

Lose the dynamite explosion animation for awful quality setting?

Unity will have a very different system for performance and this will not be as much of an issue.


Ask us in February (Testing Discord)


  • Would it be possible to add a log for guild buildings , perhaps a tab for resets and donations to separate the mess? would be helpful in finding out who resets a building when asked not to etc 🙂

  • Would you add a ctrl c and ctrl e shortcut to copy cards / export to your clipboard quickly?

  • Ray – would be extremely cool to show your current legendary wood damage in woodcutting interface. since prob there are a few ppl out there that sometimes use that woodcutting energy while forgetting to move points to wood dmg, and feel pissed about it. not a biggie, but will save all of us some nerves.

  • Is it possible to give an indicator of the highest fish we can catch somewhere, helps out with deciding to what to set the minimum catch to

  • Any chance we will be able enter an amount of dynamite to buy in the future?

  • Can we get it so trophy upgrades don’t change locations? I’ve made upgrade errors and wasted AP because of it and it can be a bit confusing

  • Can you add a button for ascension upgrades “RESET ALL” for maybe 100-500 AP because its annoying to click so much when I respect

  • Can we have a fish that we ve set to min rarity in autofishing highlighted at taxidermist. (perfectly, also highlight the max fish we can catch and show whistle duration on fishing screen too if its not too much to ask)

  • Would it be possible to search top ranks to a certain page number? Like enter page 100 and hit search or something similar?

  • Hi Ray, are you able to track users actions within parties? A party log system (“Krazden moved party to 5-10”) would be extremely useful to know which players are causing issues in parties filled with random players.

  • Would it be possible to make a sound notification when you reach the amount of cards required for the next bonus? like when the bingo starts! It’s very useful and I like it but probably different sound.. 😛 Thank you!

  • I am color blind. It is almost impossible for me to see which guild buildings are open for stone donation, I have to ask. Can we get an icon, or a letter “O” added to a building that is open for donations? Just asking, thanks

  • Can my fish sacs get the M B T Q etc. treatment some other numbers got(In the sacrificial offering screen)? The sacrifice screen is getting cut off by 2 digits by 10t and this is a huuuuuge concern for probably 99%(very conservative estimate based on nothing) of your playerbase. And they all probably need fishing equipment lvl 16+ too. Also, on behalf of all Goldies(and Goldellas), we would like to formally denounce the gold weekly bonus overwrite and ask that all characters be given a 24 hr period of “OverwriteGold” where gold drops are increased (22*7%) to combat this grave miscarriage of justice.

  • Considering it annoys me every time I work on space arena and need to adjust trophies — an option to exit all the way to the main screen from space arena, instead of hitting three exit buttons, would be lovely 😀 Or shortcut towards space trophies directly

  • An option to disable floating messages in bingo, cuz they cover your 3 and 4 tickets and when you alt-tab to bingo and try to click all the stuff in haste them messages just make a mess?

  • Please can we have something like this?


  • Wanted to suggest it for ages. can we get rid of messages in bingo or at least change their style (size/region of appearance) so they wont cover 3 and 4 tickets. right now those messages just suck since you try to see through them when clicking those 10 + numbers. and yep i like to click not to pwdab. that apart from leading some alts that just cant powerdab. slowmode for discord is awesome. you cant post more, but you can infinitely edit

  • Could you delete progress showing for party members the last inferno?

  • can you pls add a 30 day button? 🙂 also add a display of current diamonds, I don’t see my diamonds there






PS. Thank you level for compiling this!

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