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Hey Folks,

This blog will be straight to the point this week for me as it has been a long team meeting, followed by the initial integration of the new Roadmap.

Lets get right onto today’s discussions and upcoming matter:


That’s right, we aim to shame! We will be releasing and working out process for keeping on top of a constant roadmap ahead.

This is entirely experimental currently but I think we’ll make it work J

Before you take a look at the Roadmap, please take heed of these warnings:

  • It is not populated with 90% of what we’d anticipate as of yet. This is not the full roadmap, but the beginning of. It helps you see the short-term for now.
    Once we have established some key things we’ll definitely beginning expanding what our goals are for this year.
  • Many items have a warning on the date that explains the Delay Range. Simply put this is the allowance you should expect for delays. We can’t accurately know dates, but we will work towards a date and if we miss it, I’ve allocated the time the team has to meet such a deadline without fair consequences from the community.
  • Still playing around with it, so its theme/style/format may change or even be hosted completely elsewhere

In the meantime feel free to check it out! Http://iou-blog.com/roadmap

Diamond Desync & NYE NRG not counting challenge diamonds?

Quick blurb on this…..

Basically you receive your diamonds in a completely separate room, and then reconnect to your home room and the server tells you your updated currencies. What this does is cause some issues with tracking currencies properly on the client.

We intend to integrate rewards from things like this into the upcoming Mailbox System, so after completing challenges/series, you’ll receive mail (combined perhaps) of your rewards.

Leaderboard Changes

It’s perfect. No changes Needed.

Leaderboard Changes.

Fine! We are going to be looking at a major restructure of the top ranking system in terms of UI, and the ability to expand it significantly in Unity as the days roll by. We have a date range available on the roadmap for this.

Fishing Expansion

Will be released early this week…

Also, i’m not excited to get into this conversation but please try to see a few things from a different perspective here.

You’re not happy about the cost scaling of Fishing Upgrades for 16-20

  • Even with running numbers a lot of the time we run into issues with people far surpassing expectations in every single system we’ve worked on.
  • We’d rather start high and give a reduction if necessary after, instead of what happened with the NYE
  • Tier 15 was end game folks. Complete end-game and you’ve already hit it. Let that sink in!
  • Tier 16-20 is intended to take a very long time. We don’t want to be constantly chasing our tails with new fishing gear and fish as it just isn’t a focus we need to keep hitting every year when there’s bigger fish out there so to speak.
  • Soft capping does not allow us to expand in new areas to give new bonuses. There are some potential big plans with fishing in the future and making gear too easy would effectively create an issue with that.

Voting Board

I’ll be personally delving into the mechanics and design of this feature coming up in Unity.

However in the meantime since we don’t have a great system for this, Lynn will be hosting some short scheduled meetings with players to gather some feedback from players so we can assure to keep focused on areas that matter.

Unity Deadline

As a follow up from last week with the team it appears we are falling behind a couple days. This required us to divert our attention to that issue and rework our plan to ensure we meet the deadline.

Our discussions lead to Kay & Isael coming up with a plan over the next 7 days to assure we get back on track, which entails Isael assisting with new window creations instead of cleaning up the ugly existing ones for now.
We intend to spend the entire month of February working on QoL and beautification, so some windows will solely be functional but ugly as hell.

Technicals discussed that you don’t care about:

  • Zendesk ticketing system sending data in HTML when Unity works with Rich-Text. This means we strip the html and we get ugly formatting from ticket structure. Something to be worked on soon in anticipation of the support system being solely in Unity (and not flash)
  • Getting the sum of NYE energy so we know how much everyone has progressed to determine if the scaling is where we like it


Ray Shtuff

Really insane past week…I guess this year has been pretty crazy already, but some personal things happened in my life that should allow me to lead myself forward and engage far more in my work and start enjoying it a lot more as well.

I’ll be trying out a lot of new things and spending a lot of time trying to find out a better workflow for myself to oversee the project and start figuring out some solid next steps.

I’ll be working with Jay this week as well on having him take on a larger role with the games progression in development once we have the required roadmap cleaned up and ready for guiding the team in their priorities and direction.

I’ve been putting together a rather insane WishMap (A roadmap of items I wish we could make happen). We’ll see how development goes over the coming weeks, and see how engagement ensues with the Unity version. If this all goes well, I think we’ll be seeing huge transformations in the game to make it a much improved experience.


Next Week

We have our outlined work ahead of us. There isn’t much to share beyond that as we simply need to finish our Unity deadline.
I expect the first week of February once this is done will be casual development for the team as they’ll likely need a break to breath after the deadline rush.

Hopefully though I’ll have MORE exciting things to share with the team, the short-term and the long-term for IOU.



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