Jay Dev Journal

This last week I’ve had my hand in a number of different tasks. I’ve been integrating the front end work for the Pet Map that Kay recently posted about with the server so that its processing the packets from the server properly, and sending the correct packets when the appropriate buttons are pressed.

As you can see it doesn’t look anymore impressive than in the screenshots that kay provided, but it’s now displaying the appropriate values for my testing account. (you’ll have to ignore the red numbers, they are only temporary and for internal use)

This week I also started looking into what it would take to move over our login authentication from being completely self-handled and, in many ways not ideal, to using Amazon Cognito. This could potentially allow a more seamless login process across platforms, and allow for things that we don’t currently have like resting passwords, and 2-factor authentication. Unfortunately I’m not sure Cognito is the best fit for this use-case, and we may end up going in a different direction. Look to future Dev Journals by myself or Ray to see how this develops.

We’ve been looking at overhauling parts of some of the oldest code in the serverbase to make it a better fit. I wont bore you will all of the details here, but we hope it will reduce development time for some new features, as well as improve performance in some cases. This has been an ongoing process and is likely to continue into the distance future.

Finally this week we ended it with an eventful patch. There were a few missed bugs, and we’ll be reviewing what lead to us missing things. The biggest culprit this patch was a client error in an infinite loop (on all clients) massively over stressing our database server. This also made us realize how potentially dangerous such a feature is as a vector for intentional attacks. So we’ve disabled the processing of such requests until we can come up with an appropriate solution.

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