Hiya everyone!

So last week I completed UI programming for pet upgrade map window, and that essentially means UI programming for all pet windows are done. I had never written so much ‘Pet’ words in my entire life, so the completion is a relief to me, mentally and spiritually.

As I am waiting for old art assets of pet upgrade map window, what I can show you is a screenshot of the current temporary pet upgrade map, filled with arrow buttons I plucked from Cards window.

In game development we call this placeholder art, and it definitely shows the importance of the game artist.

I swear this is the only weird stuff I did to pet upgrade map window!

Looking forward, I will be writing ‘Mining’ word a lot, since I’ll be working on the Mining window with Isael, the art magician.

This is our first time working closely together in the Unity project, so we will be having more friendly discussions to avoid unfriendly situations.

We will be putting our collaboration plans into practice and further cultivate our long-lasting friendship from there, with the blessings from Merciful Goddess of Unity.

See you again!

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