Isael WIP

Hey All! Last weeks were a bit smooth regarding work on IOU. You know how are those long x-mas and new year holidays combined when you have kids at home ? HO!HO!HO so long!

I just warned Ray that he ‘stole’ the pics i was going to show for the blog. So yeah, here are a bit more of the new fishing gears assets. The names are not final yet. Am also working on a new guild building, the ‘Blacksmith’ . So only a small WIP.

Beside this, we are all pretty much working on Unity. I had to learn it and watch tutos for nearly a complete week, still there is a lot of things to go through, compared to the good old flash ( I’ve been working with flash for a decade and a half) , so i had to put some oil in my rusty cognitive gears!

We will be able to customize a lot of things further, fonts, effects, put some anim on the fly, reuse a lot of windows and buttons without having weird stretching issues with Unity 9-slicing tool that is pretty neat!!!

If you closely look at the Characters of the Character (yes! He!he! does’nt it?) title, you see a 4 corner gradient (don’t spoil my fun!) and a nice fully customizable and shiny glow filter!

Ok, ok, i know most of you guys don’t care as much as i do for this kind of stuff and think i am overexcited over simple things, but for me , it’s a libido booster, i feel testosterone and power of the Almighty God of Pixel Light flow through the veins of my pen…. (yes pen only)!

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